Thursday, October 19, 2006

New in Dublin

Hi guys,

I got some very angry notes writing the last post in Hebrew, I just wasn't in the right mood to write those stuff in English. Anyways it's just telling how sad I was leaving my family and friends behind and carrying my whole life in only 3 big suitcases.

As for now I'm much better. Since I got to Dublin things are going pretty well. The city is just as I remembers it. Cozy, welcoming and very beautiful. The vibes in the city are so great. It reminds me of Tel Aviv that I like so much.

Being lucky enough to land into a constant residence is much blessed. I arrived and my flatmate my beloved Ruth is not here yet. Leaving me a very detailed manual to operate everything in the house was essential as things are so much different than they are in Israel. It's nice and scary at the same time. As some of you might know me I am a person of changes. This is my kick. I love it sooo much. And this is probably the biggest change I ever had in my life.
Not yet realizing all its aspects for the moment it's wonderful.

Since I got here I was mostly busy with finding myself around the flat and the city. Having very few friends here (for the time being) gives me the time for myself. Getting up relaxed in the mornings, reading, shopping, cooking food are the privileges of the moment. Surely when I start working time will become a rare resource.

Going to the immigration office and queuing for more than 3 hours reminded me that for the time being I'm temporary in this country. I'm no different than the other foreings that arrived here for work.

Battery on my laptop is running low and lazy me I wont go upstairs to fetch the charger I will say Shalom.

I made a special folder for pics I will take here...


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