Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trip to Scotland with Hadas

On Christmas 2006 I was bored. Since most of my friends are Christian and foreigners, they leave for a long holidays on this time of the year. So when Hadas moved to Glasgow, a great opportunity came up. I booked my run-away ticket early August.

Here are our adventures

I’ve landed late on Friday night and a drunken girl came to pick me up. Hadas was all bubbley and cheerful and we walked to her fabulous apartment. After a long day for both of us, we took showers and off to bed.

Early Saturday we took the train to Edinburgh (9 pounds return). It’s a 45 minutes pleasant ride. With our stomach aching we went in Garfinkle’s for a wee breakfast. Where we learnt what Hash Browns were. We later spent most of our day walking about the city. Edinburgh is really beautiful. We didn’t feel like getting into museums so just walked around. Later we went to have tea in a random coffee shop. Sitting on the bar facing to the street. Sipping my tea I saw a young lad crossing the road. It was Daniel(!). What a
small world. Anyways we kept on touring around the city when feeling hungry we
wanted something authentic. We went in a place called Magnum
and the food was really nice. Later we met Daniel again near the xmas market
and the big wheel. He took us to a nice place to have coffee and cake in a
small coffee place.

Feeling exhausted we took the train back to Glasgow. Had some shopping in Morrison’s, got some rest at home and went out for a drink. After an hour looking for a place we got to Merchant city and spent some time in The Social. Waiting for the bus we ate 2 Kg of oily chips.

On Sunday we woke up really late, had breakfast with chopped veggies in a bowl (we call it a salad). We walked around the city with million other people. Bought some dying colorant and hair-straightener for Hadas. Later we dined with a whole bottle of wine in Gandolfi where we can recommend you for some good food. Caring for our night sessions, we went into a dodgy old-looking gay bar to ask the lad for advice. Where we found ourselves following them to The polo lounge.

Monday morning we woke up even later, had lunch in a probably lesbian-owned café. With great food and the owner seducing a straight lad showing him her boobs. We then visited the Kelvin Grove Art Gallery to see Kylie Minogue’s exhibition (I actually saw it in Manchester few months ago). In the city we walked around and spent some time in Princess Avenue Shopping Centre.

At home we had hair session where I dyed and cut Hadas’ hair:

After packing our stuff to head to the Airport to pick our car from Enterprise we were almost ready, but then got a phone call saying there are no more cars available. Andy – Hadas’ housemate gave us a ride. None of our threats helped and we had to pay more and use Budget car rental. After 2 minutes Hadas got used to driving in the wrong side of the road and we headed to Edinburgh where we had a nice hotel for reasonable rates (40 pounds for both). It was
Christmas night and the streets were empty but the city was just amazing.

Looking for an open place wasn’t easy. We walked for an hour till we found something. But it was worth it. We had great Italian food. Then walked for more than an hour for some pub, but eventually found the La Monde and Shanghai Club. Dodgy and Paris Hilton fest style place.

Two more days left.

So on Tuesday morning still in the darkness
(9.30 am) we drove up to Inverness to Express by
Holiday Inn
. On the way there we stopped at Queens view point
overlooking Loch Tummel. Surprisingly we found a place to eat at night. Ash

On Wednesday we drove towards loch Ness and were amazed how big it was. We drove along the loch and with the foggy weather made the scenery very misty. We stopped quite often to take pictures. Visit Alon’s Picasa.
Later we arrived back to Glasgow and spared 3 hours before my departure.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doron's on his way

Am sitting on our uncomfy couch watching Sex and the City and writing this post. It was a longggg day. When it's too busy in the office, by the time I arrive home I'm wrecked.

Since the only weekday you can go on shopping after work is Thursday I had to do it TODAY. So I went to my favorite organic shop Fallon & Byrne . For some reason they stopped bringing the Israeli Hummus; Probably because it made their homemade Hummus less atractive. I have to find some other place that sale it. But anyways it worth going there just for their pesto and risens bread. Then Marks and Spencer and Tesco. I'm too picky. Like very specific things from different places and eventhough Tesco's online shopping is very nice I still have to go and pick some of my favs on my own.

Coming back home I then had to vaccum, change sheeds and then scrub the kitchen and bathroom. Doesn't it sounds like fun ?!

The week is now well planned in advance. Galway here we come. Dublin - Doron's on his way :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

bold ME

Well we ever spent a weekend together you might've met a different me. Just few drinks I take off my masks and there you get - Bold Alon.
Usually I get the mooood and start to joke around, hit on nice boys and of course - kiss random persons (boys and girls).
I wish some of the courage I have when being drunk was even while I'm sober.
Thank goodness Ruth was there last night to take care for me. Otherwise I'm not sure I would've make it all the way home then upstairs then throwhin up etc. Making up for a lost time as student? Not sure. Used to get drunk like hell even in the ol' good time in Tel Aviv. Probably just having fun and making the most out of my weekend after hectic weekdays.

Have a look at this new website. If you like music but never had the paitance to go to different websites. read, listen and buy...


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Trip to Kilkenny

After many doubts and logistics ( try to hire a car in Ireland) we were on our way to county Kilkenny. (we were desperate to go somewhere so we were just looking for a nice B&B and decided Kilkenny is the destination).

Packing almost every snack under our hands we went on our way. The usual Aircoach to the Airport to pick the bus and off we go.

Day 1:
As this was the first time for Ruthie driving outside of Malta we were quite nervous. It's different driving on a proper Island rather than on a small ROCK (14x27km - Malta). But after 15 minutes and she ruled the road.

We drived all the way to Kilkenny stopped for lunch in Carlow and finally made a huge detour to get to the small village called Ballyraggot. Our lovely host Laura took care for us and welcomed us into her lovely B&B.

She gave us few tips and after a while we were on our way to Castlecomer. Another small village but yet with such a great atmosphere. Despite its name we couldn't find the castle in it :) We just went into the wood where we found a nice Fishing lakes. Then we did our way to Kilkenny. A nice small town with a huge and very impressive Castle. We got there after the openning hours but were still able to have a walk around the Caslte's gardens.

We entered a nice Restaurant "Italian connection" which turned to be a very known and tasety. By the end of dinner we were already wrecked. All we wanted was to sleep. Ruth drove us to Ballyraggot which was around 22 minutes away.
We got our showers and fell asleep.

Day 2:
We woke up after a very tight sleep. Our lovely B&B lady Laura made us breakfast (we even had menus) and we were on our way towards Waterford (with few stops).
We first stopped in a place called Woodstock. It's a very nice man made woods from the viktorian period. The garden was lately renovated.

The place is just above the amazing valley of the town Inistioge.

From there we headed south to Waterford. The weather was sunny and the streets were busy. We decided to stay away from the crowd, spotted a small lake on the map and headed there. The only problem was we had no clue how it would be like. After half an hour drive we figured it was a very small lake without any proper access to it. At this point all we wanted was to get some rest. We were on the road for too long. We found a shopping center, got into a coffee shop and spent more than an hour there.
Since it was still quite early we had another look at the map and headed to a place called Kells Priory. It's a priory from the 11th century. It was absolutly beautiful. Unexpectedly there was no admission and was just near a gorgeous river.

From there to Ballyraggot, shower and dinner in a place called Durrow.

Day 3:
Good bye from the B&B, 105 kilometers to Dublin airport to leave the car and aircoach back HOME :)

The full Ablum :

IGLYO in Dublin

So it was about time, but eventually we managed to get steering committee meeting. Originally we planned to have the meeting in Malta but since I'm short with my annual leave we had to do it in Dublin.

I guess the guys had lots of fun here though we had to work hard. Meeting was great but as expected produced too much work for the following months. As if I don't have enough of it anyways.

Have a look at the Pictures

From IGLYO@Dublin

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Phoneix park and the lads

Today was SUNNY. I know it's hard to believe - but really. Anyways after a long night outside drinking and having fun... I woke up around mid day and we went to get some Irish sun. When it's sunny in Ireland one might think it's suitable to wear t-shirt and go outside. But that's not really the case cos it's still bloddy cold and windy. Sucks.

We went to the biggest park in Europe - The Phoneix park (Jason, Tomasz, Brian, Lydie, Rebecca, John and myslef) and played with the ball. Then it jumped straight to the lake... after long efforts Brian managed to get it out. Then we went to feel manly and played soccer. I can't remember when was the last time I did so. But we had good laugh. Until a raging irish man came and preached us for 20 minutes that we were traspassing into an army property. Whatever...

Afterward J tried to teach us some irish tradition and take us to a nearby pub where you can still find a snoggle. Which is basically a section in old pubs where the women used to wait for their husbands while they were having fun and drinking. Unforte I had to go and buy some things from my fav. shop - Fallon and Byrne where we can now find a real Hummus made in Israel. Yummy...
Milli had a party for the Israeli Googlers. It was very nice with lots of food and chocolate Sufflait. I think I drank to much red wine and got really blond. Hope I havn't bullied and of them. Beside Helena - but she's well trained by now :D (Love you babes !)

There are many photos on my Picasa - have a look.


St. Patrick Day

So you might've heard about the Irish and their horrible drinking habits...
Just triple it - that's what st. Patrick's day all about. Drinking.
Once upon time there was a man called Patrick - And the rumours suggest he brought Christianity to the green and gray island called Ireland.

That's a reason to drink. Cheers. Slante.

So we thought we should go out and cruise the parade...
we spent really great time - mostly trying to lift ourselves above the crowds heads so we can see something - in cold and windy weather.
I went with Milli, Martin, Marco and his friend Claudia.
Later on Jason and Tomasz joined us.

We went to the crazy thingy in the Luna Park.... Milli tightly holding my hand. Ouch.

And the Youtube:

We also met Mandy. In the pub of course. Where else can we be ? uffff