Friday, July 25, 2008

Good-bye Iris

Saying good-bye is part of our life. When I was young saying good-bye used to be really difficult but growing older makes you strong and immune. With the globe shrinking and traveling is so much easier (let aside my carbon foot-print) meeting your friends is many times just few clicks away.

Last weekend my ex-flatmate and good friend Iris had her party - actually her very last party on the island. Few weeks back she has quit her job and already planned her next stop to another exotic part of the world - China. Spending many evenings with Iris was pleasant and I will miss it bunch.

From ByeBye Iris a...

The very same weekend I packed my luggage and actually most of my belongings to start my own mini-adventure in Tel-Aviv (for 3 months). Although visiting home for so many times since I moved on October 2006, this time it felt a lot different.

The day before I left, I had to say Shalom to many of my friends which is literally my Family. It was not so sad but defo emotional. Missing them was part of it, but realizing how many people I really love, care of and beloved by was overwhelming.

So I'm now on a work assignment back to my home-country which I miss so much. It's been MAD and SUPER busy around here. I hope I will slow down the pace and get into summery relaxish mood. I doubt it will happen anytime soon - but let me stay optimistic.

Iris - all the best dear. I've never seen anyone as happy as yourself and I hope your constantly cheerful being will surround your new friends.

From ByeBye Iris a...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gayglers and Dublin Pride

Although it has been a while since Pride was in town, only now I could find some time to sit down and reflect. The bottom line is that we (Gayglers/Googlers) won the Community Award for 2008 and that all the hard work was really worth-while. Not just because of the award, but also for all the positive feedbacks and the impact we had on the festivities and in the long term - Dublin LGBTQ community.

So what did we do??
Dublin online gay map -
Dublin Pride YouTube Channel
YouTube Pod
Gold Sponsorship
And probably had the nicest float at the Parade with a fab DJ

From Dublin Parade...

So all in all it was a great experience, good fun but also lots of hard work.
Next year?! I might just do again but it in a different city...

Thanks for Jason, Annamarie and many others that helped.

p.s. - if you missed us and want to get our snappy wristband - drop me a line :)