Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dublin Pride Youtube Channel

In addition to the Gay Map, this year the Gayglers helped Dublin Pride setting up a YT channel.

We created so much buzz around it and the channel is a hip.
Have a look at the Question Dublin Pride Members featured on the channel:

Go, Visit and Reply your Response Video!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision 2008 Boaz Mauda - Ke'ilo Kan - English Translation

I'm in Copenhagen at the moment for IGLYO's Communication Team Meeting. During our visual identity session while, listening to the song, my friend Colette asked me:
"What does the FAB Israeli song for the Eurovision means?"

So here's a REALLY basic/literal translation

As if it was real / lyrics: Dana International

My soul is hoping, prayers of heart

With me with me as if it is Real
Like it used to be

It is difficult, it is difficult
When a moon-light yearning is here for a second and disappears
it's followed by a cry
and after all comes a song
It's a good moment now, you are closer

not a star light
you are now
With me with me as if it is Real
Just like it used to be

"come alone, come alone
see the fire in your eyes
and you come with me, with me"
sometimes good smell is brought by the wind
petting, now you hear

not a star light
you are now
With me with me as if it is Real
Just like it used to be

My soul is hoping for the prayer of heart....

not a star light
you are now
With me with me as if it is Real
Just like it used to be

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dublin Gay Map

This year the Gayglers around the world and in Dublin are doing cool initiatives during Pride.

For the coming Pride in Dublin we used one of our coolest products - Maps - to create an online map with all the gay (+friendly) venues/activities in Dublin. At the moment the map features Pride-specific events.

It amazes me how fast you can create cool and usable content...

View Larger Map

Pride 2008 is cominggggg

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iris Goodbye BBQ

My dear housemate/friend Ruth blogged after the nice BBQ evening we hosted in our house.

From Iris Goodbye BBQ

Here it is for your convenience

Bringing the sunshine to Ireland by Ruth

Yesterday we had a bbq in our garden. It was the first one I've had in my house, in Ireland!

Somehow it is difficult to associate barbecues with this country. The sun has been pleasant to us during the last few days and we grabbed the opportunity to feast It. We got our little bbq set a couple of days ago, I still cannot deal with the idea of having disposable ones. They were a novelty to me when I came here..but then again it's Ireland..a country blessed by its showers.

We invited a few friends. Mediterranean blood kicking in, we were worried we won't be having enough food for all. Alon made his beef kebabs, I mad my tofu kebabs..then we had mushrooms in a balsamico/honey marinade, Quorn sausages, garlic & wine sausages, pork sausages, beef burgers; bread - wholemeal, mixed seed, white, mediterrenean loaf (M&S); Greek salad; tahini, tzatziki, marinated olives, cheeses..all washed down with white wine and champagne. Then we had lemon cheesecake, irish mocha cheesecake, and fresh strawberries..and Tea to finish all off!

Being 3 Israelis, a Greek and a Maltese amongst the Irish, German and Dutch I felt 'we' brought some Med element to it all.. could have been louder! Oh yes all this was accompanied by background music. No..there was no latin was Madonna's latest album..and that's the queer touch for you ;)

That's sunshine to's the pleasant, late and relaxed nights outside with friends.

Other Photos:
Iris Home Good byeBQ by Milli

BBQ photo album by Ruth

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

are you GAY?

While on the Andamans I've spent most of my time with my fellow diving course students. One was special in particular. A beautiful girl (an actress/model), well educated, with spectacular poetic English and noble manners.

Earlier this week we had another catch-up correspondence on Facebook where I mentioned a guy I was dating. This was her respond:

"ok alon, u said, u r dating a guy? u mean u r my gay friend?? :) if yes, europe is the right place to be in because ppl dnt consider u out-caste like in america or most other countries. i'm so excited to know this, for some reason!! does ur family know??"

So why am I writing about it anyway? Because I was shocked!
Beside the fact that I was sure she knew I was gay (how can it be more obvious?) every now and then I come across amazing people that never had any interaction with the "scene" or with "gay/queer people" and I get a reality shake.

Since I'm spending most of my time in a very particular environment and even more particular circle of friends around in Europe (or Israel) I tend to forget that in many places LGBT is yet to become visible or even far beyond that - do they exist?

"what do you mean by gay-friendly? do you mean I need to live with 2 gay men?", 2 weeks ago, a random phone call from a girl trying to arrange viewing. Dublin, Ireland

"I've only seen gays on TV. OMG, this is sooo coool" Elleni, a good friend of mine from Ethiopia

Here's a funny example for the extreme opposite:

It also reminds me that Doron purchased the domain and we're still discussing what should be there. It will probably be how silly is when people want to change the nature and try to help people who search for "How to cure homosexuality"

Friday, May 09, 2008

Jason's 30th in London

Last weekend we headed to London to celebrate Jason's 30th birthday.
Mostly passing by for a conference or youth exchange I've been to London many times. Since I never had the i-love-this-place effect I just didn't bother planning any holiday there. Now 5 years later I discovered its magic and I LOVE IT. It was such a great weekend. Having lovely sunny weekend with hanging out with my friends - it was just perfect.

The highlights were eating at The Troubadour cafe/restaurant couple of times, Sunday night in Soho shaking our bums around Illusion @ THE Village, a walk with Panos in Hyde park where we luckily found handsome British lads playing stupid games and showing off their white flesh and a night out with the locals to Popstarz.

From London