Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gayglers and Dublin Pride

Although it has been a while since Pride was in town, only now I could find some time to sit down and reflect. The bottom line is that we (Gayglers/Googlers) won the Community Award for 2008 and that all the hard work was really worth-while. Not just because of the award, but also for all the positive feedbacks and the impact we had on the festivities and in the long term - Dublin LGBTQ community.

So what did we do??
Dublin online gay map - www.google.ie/gaydublin
Dublin Pride YouTube Channel
YouTube Pod
Gold Sponsorship
And probably had the nicest float at the Parade with a fab DJ

From Dublin Parade...

So all in all it was a great experience, good fun but also lots of hard work.
Next year?! I might just do again but it in a different city...

Thanks for Jason, Annamarie and many others that helped.

p.s. - if you missed us and want to get our snappy wristband - drop me a line :)


FarriG said...

i wish i was there :(
wish to have a rubber bracelet, but mostly wish i had been there

Neil Ward said...

Congrats to the Gayglers again - well deserving of your award. Google were a terrific support to Dublin Pride this year.