Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tel-Aviv Pride 2009

Tel-Aviv centennial brought to the city a chain of massive events and lots of fun that makes the city what it is but in higher dozes.

Pride in Tel-Aviv usually takes place in June of each year with no exception for 2009. The exception for this year is with a richer then ever program and events planned for the gay, lesbian, bi-sexuals transgenders and friends.

While the city council worked hard and collected the community's thought leaders reason for Pride - YouTube and the LGBT Center (of the city council) are allowing the crowd to post their reason for pride.

Visit the dedicated channel for Pride in Tel-Aviv (TLV) and see the beautiful people of Israel featuring their pride. Even if you're an English speaking fella - do not hesitate and post a video response.

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Meni said...

Thank you for great detail. Will you attend yourself?