Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting started...

First thing I had to consider was if this blog will be in English or in Hebrew.
Even though in Hebrew it would have been much easier and nicer to convey my thoughts, writing it in English will save me extra hours to rewrite it to English for my non Hebrew speaking friends. Not mentioning that if so I presume my lazyness would've brought the absence of either.

Since this blog is totally mine, I will allow myself to skip spell-checking and grammar stuff.. So deal with it...

The second next thing I found myself thinking about since the very moment I've decided to write things up here was LOVE LIFE... Given I will have some of those in Ireland (unlike the dry period of time in Israel) will I write it here?
I guess it will take me a while till I'll decide about this matter.... Anyways I haven't decided yet whether my family will be lucky too see it...

That's all for the meanwhile I have nothing thrilling to write till I will get to my final destination with 1 way ticket. Dublin, Ireland.


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