Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back home

It've been a while since I last wrote anything here.
I guess it's just my laziness and the weird state of mind I'm having recently. (I found myself sayin it too often like a broken record).

The anticipation I expressed from my last post is still on. But I do try to bare in mind that it brings along good things and bad things at the same time.

Like for instance, I cant really recall the last time I've spent so much time thinking (yes I do that - how weird) and spending quality time with my wee sister and parents. Long hours at home without any purpose when u wake up noonish, takes me back to my post-short-military-service period of time.

Comparing - moving abroad Vs. Leaving the army. (or going out of the closet - if I was ever there)

It's a quite interesting equation as for my self being-wise. Both are so called "brave decision" that do a great change to one's life and can bring along serious consequences. But what surprised me the most in both decisions I've made is that I figured out that my close circle of family and friends is a gift. They always surprise me with their so consideration responses and behavior. The kick off was my out of the closet for my family at the age of 17. And it goes on with everything I do in life. That is the place to thanks some one (a he god or a she god or the angels or my other me in my previous life).

Being far from home is an experience I will live shortly. I cannot even imagine how it will be like. And as you all might know me you can reckon the I depresses it and a great shock is expected. I will surely tell you about it in a week or two - or three - I stopped counting. Shortly I plan to denote a whole chapter to the people in my life.

I do motivate you to have a look at my webalbum. You can write down talkbacks so we can memorize the experiences that we might forget.

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You all better feel hugged,

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