Sunday, March 25, 2007

Phoneix park and the lads

Today was SUNNY. I know it's hard to believe - but really. Anyways after a long night outside drinking and having fun... I woke up around mid day and we went to get some Irish sun. When it's sunny in Ireland one might think it's suitable to wear t-shirt and go outside. But that's not really the case cos it's still bloddy cold and windy. Sucks.

We went to the biggest park in Europe - The Phoneix park (Jason, Tomasz, Brian, Lydie, Rebecca, John and myslef) and played with the ball. Then it jumped straight to the lake... after long efforts Brian managed to get it out. Then we went to feel manly and played soccer. I can't remember when was the last time I did so. But we had good laugh. Until a raging irish man came and preached us for 20 minutes that we were traspassing into an army property. Whatever...

Afterward J tried to teach us some irish tradition and take us to a nearby pub where you can still find a snoggle. Which is basically a section in old pubs where the women used to wait for their husbands while they were having fun and drinking. Unforte I had to go and buy some things from my fav. shop - Fallon and Byrne where we can now find a real Hummus made in Israel. Yummy...
Milli had a party for the Israeli Googlers. It was very nice with lots of food and chocolate Sufflait. I think I drank to much red wine and got really blond. Hope I havn't bullied and of them. Beside Helena - but she's well trained by now :D (Love you babes !)

There are many photos on my Picasa - have a look.


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