Sunday, March 25, 2007

St. Patrick Day

So you might've heard about the Irish and their horrible drinking habits...
Just triple it - that's what st. Patrick's day all about. Drinking.
Once upon time there was a man called Patrick - And the rumours suggest he brought Christianity to the green and gray island called Ireland.

That's a reason to drink. Cheers. Slante.

So we thought we should go out and cruise the parade...
we spent really great time - mostly trying to lift ourselves above the crowds heads so we can see something - in cold and windy weather.
I went with Milli, Martin, Marco and his friend Claudia.
Later on Jason and Tomasz joined us.

We went to the crazy thingy in the Luna Park.... Milli tightly holding my hand. Ouch.

And the Youtube:

We also met Mandy. In the pub of course. Where else can we be ? uffff

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