Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doron's on his way

Am sitting on our uncomfy couch watching Sex and the City and writing this post. It was a longggg day. When it's too busy in the office, by the time I arrive home I'm wrecked.

Since the only weekday you can go on shopping after work is Thursday I had to do it TODAY. So I went to my favorite organic shop Fallon & Byrne . For some reason they stopped bringing the Israeli Hummus; Probably because it made their homemade Hummus less atractive. I have to find some other place that sale it. But anyways it worth going there just for their pesto and risens bread. Then Marks and Spencer and Tesco. I'm too picky. Like very specific things from different places and eventhough Tesco's online shopping is very nice I still have to go and pick some of my favs on my own.

Coming back home I then had to vaccum, change sheeds and then scrub the kitchen and bathroom. Doesn't it sounds like fun ?!

The week is now well planned in advance. Galway here we come. Dublin - Doron's on his way :)

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