Monday, February 11, 2008

Golden Triangle = Triangle with Golden Corners :: Day 1

2 weeks ago I went on a magical tour together with Vik. The tour is also known as the Golden Triangle and I think a more proper name will be "Triangle with Golden Corners". The spots we visited were golden but the way there looked pretty much like a huge garage with thousand of slums along the "highway". Seemed like people lived everywhere (on pavements, together with their cows, buffaloes and chickens). It was also very surprising to see the men wondering around while every single women and kids were busy working, carrying stuff and cleaning.

We arrived to Delhi on Friday night and got picked up by our company's driver taking us to the company's guest house where the cook and house boy were there to show us around and fix a late dinner for us :)

Then, 5am we were picked by our driver Davinder which was a great driver but honked non-stop!. He suggested we go as early as possible to Agra straight to the Taj Mahal before Sarkozi got there for a visit. On the way we picked up a Guide which was horrible. It's been a while since I met someone with such a horrible presence he was only useful with getting us tickets while we queued.
The Taj is definitely worth a visit. Not for nothing it is one of worlds wonders. It is a huge white carved marble structure in a beautiful setting with fountains and 2 forts one on each side, overlooking to a valley with dried river.

From there we traveled to Agra Fort which was not less impressive. Actually walking around so early was adding to the magical ambiance around this huge red-ish fort. Without too many people around we found few awesome spots for photos and Vik played around with few naughty squirrels.

We then hopped on our Innova and traveled few hours to Jaipur. We arrived quite early but were fatigue and stayed in our not-so-good hotel which smelled horrible.

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FrostAtMidnite said...

The Taj was once studded with semo precious/precious stones and has a lot of stories associated with it, the best can be told by the Indian history books or a good Guide -we get lucky only sometimes.
The Taj was once open to public during the nites.. there were some concerts held during the full moons there everytime! must have been a site!