Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mental weekend in Mumbai - Sunday

Sunday morning was a lazy one, we only woke up at 10ish and headed to the known Taj for brunch. The hotel is really special, marble all over the place, fountains, calm ambiance, very modern but yet feels comfy. Food was great, a bit pricy but worth it. Especially the super service in the toilets where the guy turns on the tap for you, spreads soap on your hands and handing over 10 softer than ever tissues to dry your hands out.

Stuffed and happy we went out to catch a cab to the renowned bazaars just to found out it was not open at the day. So we decided to take it easy, wonder around the city, visited Mumbai University building and random Art exhibition and headed back to the hotel, not before having lunch in Barista which is highly recommended as a modern cheap alternative for food, coffee and cold drinks.

After picking up our bags from the hotel, we had to do our last sightseeing which was very eye-opening. We went to DHOBI GHAT which is a place where clothes from all over the city arrive for a wash by 500 almost naked men. The area is known as the world’s biggest slum and we were courageous enough to walk around and get kinda bullied by bunch of kids.

The worst thing was when we went up to the road to get a cab to the Airport. The first cab to catch was quick but the second was mental. With a Muslim demonstration marching our way we were surrounded and jumped into the first cab without agreeing on the fare. The drive in mental traffic which took us way too long and with confusion as for which airport we should drive to was not fun. We took Kingfischer flight back to Hyderabad which was the best flight I had. In 43 minutes flight they managed to server drinks, hot meal with dessert , head phones, fresh towels and the cleanest on-craft toilets ever. We departed and arrived on a short delay and our lovely Google Drivers took us home. It was soooo nice to see some familiar faces and no need to bargain.


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