Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thinking about India, Gay scene in Hyderabad and Kingfischer

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Gay Scene in Hyderabad

There isn't such. I spent 6 weeks around the city and talked with *few* queers which sadly informed me there is not even a gay friendly place to hang out at (they used to have something but then police bullied the visitors). The gayest vibes I had were in Le Cafe De Art in Banjara Hills but locals couldn't confirm it was. So seems like there is no Gay scene in Hyderabad. I guess the city didn't have the time to realize the potential with the massive amount of expats around... Taking into account the city is packed with expats, at least 10% are Queer and they have dollars in their pockets it is just a matter of time until it will happen.... Do let me know if anything changes...

Kingfischer Dublin - What the heck can it be?

a. misspelling for kingfisher (India's best!! airlines) which as far as I'm aware does not fly to Dublin.
b. the kingfisher bird and its connection to Dublin, Ireland
c. The Kingfisher which is apparently a restaurant in Dublin

Lonley Planet India Mumbai

For some reason I'm ranking for this one as well...
Lonley planet was indeed helpful for while traveling around Mumbai. Just take into account the raise in prices from the latest edition.

Phoenix Park

Probably because of the blog post I had a while ago about Phoneix park and the lads where Jason told us it is a known gay cruising area...

What is this post?
I got visitors that looked for this information (kingfisher or kingfische, mumbai, lonley planet, India, gay, hyderabad, scene, dublin, expats) and I though this post might be helpful...


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