Tuesday, June 03, 2008

some facts about the history, Israel and discrimination

This post is a bit "heavier" than the usual suspects such as BBQ or a trip report I was busy with recently . So watch out and only keep on reading if you’re interested in knowing something about Israel.

I’m on my way from Dublin to Tel-Aviv and browsing the Haaretz special edition section called “Photo’s from our private Albums” that Milli gave me the same morning. I have tears in my eyes.

Going through the papers reminds me how grateful I should be for everything I have in life. Every bit of myself is shaped from every bit of my being an Israeli Jewish Gay person.

I put no dates on most of the stories as I feel these are all relevant to the present and the future of many human-beings in many places.

Although there are many things I would really want to change in our history and in present times I admire the people of Israel for constantly criticizing, self-criticizing, objecting, speaking up and are part of the history. Their inputs shed light on the reality and shape people's minds. I wish I can be as brave...

Past – Holocaust :: “Without a word”
Hannah Senesh’s family looking at her burial that was brought from Budapest to Israel. Hannah is a great example for the bravery during world war 2. She wrote a private diary while hiding in an attic which entrance was concealed by book-case in Amsterdam.

Israel – early days
One of the leaders that shaped Israel’s future -- David Ben-Gurion. I guess I need to say no more. People were afraid of him but respected him at the same time.

Israel - depression :: “And then they all left”
A story by an Arab who lived in what is now one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Tel-Aviv. Tells the story of a wealthy family and their run-away from the village they lived in.

Israel - discrimination :: “The black panthers”
Pretty much the first demonstration by Sefaradim against the discriminatory government which was ruled by Ashkenazim. Black (Schwartze in Yidish) - for their darker skin. Sefaradim are the Jews from Africa, Asia and the Arab world while Ashkenazim are Jews origin from America and greater-Europe.

Israel - homophobia :: “The Israeli mini-Stonewall -- Wigstock”
Not long after Dana International won the Eurovision song contest an organized gay gathering in the independence garden in Tel-Aviv was suddenly stopped by the police and banned for no good reason. It got only a bit physical but nonetheless shocking.

Israel – its fallen sons and daughters
"20 years old Benny Avraham with his sisters one to each of his sides."
Benny was one of the 3 Israeli soldiers murdered and kidnapped by Hezbollah to Lebanon and more than 3 years later was brought for burial in Israel. Unfortunately like him there are many more.

Anya Kazkatchov was 16 when murdered in a Tel-Avivian night club by a suicide bomber. 21 teenagers (mostly Russian newcomers) were murdered that night when a suicide bomber exploded in the queue-in; when crowded to help the survivors another suicide bomber got closer to them to double the effect. Bloody night...

real photos to come up later.

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Alex Fridman said...

"Mostly Russian newcomers"

I've seen the memorial near the delphinarium. There were more Jewish names there than any other. My Jewish friends born in Russia who now live in Israel always tell me, 'in Russia we were labeled as Jews, in Israel were're labled as Russians'... Discrimination goes a long, long way...