Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tel-Aviv Pride 2008

As I mentioned earlier this month, this year the Gayglers are taking part in many Pride events around the Globe. (full list at the photo below)

From TLV-Pride08

I happened to be in Israel for Tel-Aviv Pride. It was by far the best Pride the city have known. It started with a cool happening in Gan Meir where the amazing LGBT center is located. Many organizations and groups had small booths with their work / recruit volunteers etc. The LGBT center was open for the public and presented an art exhibition.

The Googlers gave-away Gayglers themed caps and Google stickers. Later on we joined the march with our banner and colorful balloons.

The Parade ended up with a great beach party with concerts by the best Israeli singers (Ivry Lider, Maya Buskila, Henry&Nikka...)

From TLV-Pride08

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