Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Iris Goodbye BBQ

My dear housemate/friend Ruth blogged after the nice BBQ evening we hosted in our house.

From Iris Goodbye BBQ

Here it is for your convenience

Bringing the sunshine to Ireland by Ruth

Yesterday we had a bbq in our garden. It was the first one I've had in my house, in Ireland!

Somehow it is difficult to associate barbecues with this country. The sun has been pleasant to us during the last few days and we grabbed the opportunity to feast It. We got our little bbq set a couple of days ago, I still cannot deal with the idea of having disposable ones. They were a novelty to me when I came here..but then again it's Ireland..a country blessed by its showers.

We invited a few friends. Mediterranean blood kicking in, we were worried we won't be having enough food for all. Alon made his beef kebabs, I mad my tofu kebabs..then we had mushrooms in a balsamico/honey marinade, Quorn sausages, garlic & wine sausages, pork sausages, beef burgers; bread - wholemeal, mixed seed, white, mediterrenean loaf (M&S); Greek salad; tahini, tzatziki, marinated olives, cheeses..all washed down with white wine and champagne. Then we had lemon cheesecake, irish mocha cheesecake, and fresh strawberries..and Tea to finish all off!

Being 3 Israelis, a Greek and a Maltese amongst the Irish, German and Dutch I felt 'we' brought some Med element to it all.. could have been louder! Oh yes all this was accompanied by background music. No..there was no latin was Madonna's latest album..and that's the queer touch for you ;)

That's sunshine to's the pleasant, late and relaxed nights outside with friends.

Other Photos:
Iris Home Good byeBQ by Milli

BBQ photo album by Ruth

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