Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 2, Hyderabad

Today started more relaxed but was actually full of action. We started our day with a (very) fancy brunch in the Taj hotel. We weren't quite sure about the salads there but I couldn't resist the Avocado. Then we continued to Charminar

From India

with the long queue outside we didn't feel like getting in, but it was pretty to look from the outside. With no side-walks you pretty much have to squeeze yourself between the street merchants and the Rickshaws. Quite and experience especially when I found out my bargaining skills are actually good. I might not make a career out of it, but it does save few rupees.

After this one we stopped for a piss in the other Taj hotel in town, we then continued to the market in the Hi-tech City. It was beautiful, more relaxed and with some ethnic dancing.

note:throughout the day we were looked at as if we were aliens.

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Deepak said...

I am from Hyderabad and you liked it and had hyderbad biryani.