Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mental weekend in Mumbai - Friday

Sorry for the latency with the blog update. I probably set high expectations posting shortly after coming back from my trips ;)
Anyway last weekend I traveled from Hyderabad where I work and based during the week to Mumbai (also known as Bombay) together with my fellow expats Viktor, Diane, Mike, Alyson and Priz.

So we took GoAir flight to the very modern Mumbai International Airport which was decent, no food but comfy enough. For domestic flights in India all you need is any photo ID (I’ve heard that Google Badge can be good enough haha) and actually ours wasn’t even checked. It might be Aly’s charming approach at the check-in desk ;)

After a safe landing, our next mission was to get to our hotel. We thought we had 3 options but actually had only 2 since auto-rickshaw cannot get to city center (Colaba). Our options then were either taking a cab or a Cool cab which actually offers A/C which wasn’t needed. Coming well prepared to bargain and argue we tried to convince the drivers to take us all (6) in a cab, which is not . After an hour long drive (500 rupees if I remember well) we arrived to Gardens Hotel in Gardens road which is just beside Godwin Hotel which was recommended but fully booked. We got our “executive luxury suites” which were very average and met downstairs to go for dinner. We found out that earlier Aly already made phone calls to book places in a fancy restaurant called Indigo. Where we had lovely dinner and paid around 30usd each.

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