Saturday, January 12, 2008

Frist day in India

I sarted my way early morning on Friday from Dublin to Hyderabad through Frankfurt. From Frankfurt I had spcaious 2 seats just for me, a loaded iPod and movies on my laptop. I've arrived to India yesterday fairly late at night. It took me more than 90 minutes to get my luggage. The reason it's taking them so long is that every suitcase is being screened and with chalk they mark your suitcase whether it should be taken through custom. Luckily my wasn't "marked".

A Google driver was waiting to pick me up to our Guest House. It is quite nice in a gated area. Your laundry cleaning cooking and ironing is made daily.

Today I met Alyson from the Checkout team from Mountain View and we spent the day together. We've been to a place called Golkonda Fort which is a ruined city on granite hill. Later we had food in a nice place and headed home for some rest. We then met Mike and went to have dinner in Angeethi which I belive we will visit again.

To sum up, I do need couple of days to get used to the new smells, culture, flavors, people, mad drivers and lots of horning. And thanks Google for the shofer.



Christian said...

Well done Alon! :D
Good luck in India, and talk to you soon.

Panos said...

Hey Alon!

its nice you keep a diary so we can read ur adventure as they happen in real time lol...we are missing you loads!!

Take care and have fun!!!